Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard During Your Divorce

Divorce can be complicated, but it does not need to be an unending battle from which everyone leaves damaged and hurt. At my firm, I focus on helping you find a better outcome.

My name is Lana Weiss, and, as an attorney, I work exclusively in family law and divorce, meaning that I understand your situation and the legal challenges before you. At my office in Walnut Creek, I emphasize ways to reduce conflict and provide you with the best possible starting point for your new life.

Divorce Does Not Need To Turn Into A Fight

Often, both parties in a marriage realize they have reached the point where getting a divorce is the best choice. There are many decisions to be made if this is the case, but these details can be worked out in a calm, compassionate, equitable manner. And you do not have to do it by yourself – indeed, no matter how amicable your separation from your spouse is, legal representation during a divorce is a must.

I can guide you through formal mediation or informal negotiations outside of the courtroom. You do not have to fear that making the right choice for you and any children involved in your family will lead to an adversarial nightmare in the courtroom.

Litigated Divorces Are Sometimes The Best Option

When you and your ex are deciding on what type of divorce to have, you should know that there are ways to avoid unnecessary conflict. However, if you and your spouse are struggling to communicate constructively or issues such as abuse or domestic violence are involved, litigation may be a safer and better long-term option for your family.

I can help you prepare your divorce for litigation and provide a strong representation in court if a settlement cannot be reached. I will provide you with clear explanations of how such matters as child support and alimony, asset and debt division and custody/visitation schedules will be seen by a judge. I will describe to you the strategies I plan to employ during your court case. If your ex makes a counter-offer to avoid litigation, I will evaluate the settlement terms and advise you on whether or not the offer is in your best interests.

Are You Ready To Talk?

At your first appointment, we will sit down and talk through how I can help you reframe your situation and achieve both an ideal legal outcome and a sense of closure. To reach my office in Walnut Creek, call me at 925-633-4002 or send me an email.