Finding Healthy Co-Parenting Options

As a parent, your priority is and should be your child’s well-being. Child psychologists generally agree that a child can have a healthy and positive upbringing after a divorce or separation, especially if both parents commit to giving them a stable and consistent environment regardless of the change.

Across East Bay Area, Contra Costa County, Solano County, Alameda County, and Napa County., I work with parents to keep their children’s best interests in mind. My goal is always to find a solution that helps you and your co-parent work together while protecting your and your child’s safety and best interests. Lana Weiss Attorney at Law is a firm focused on you. Email me today.

Guiding Principles For California Parents

Co-parenting is often uncharted waters, and it can feel like you are navigating it alone or without much guidance. Fortunately, millions of people co-parent every day, and there are lessons we can take from them, including:

  • The best interests of the child are always the main considerations, for both the parents and the courts. As you begin discussing your child’s arrangements, take yourself out of the conversation whenever possible and put the emphasis on your child.
  • Strive to create a peaceful environment. Your child is also undergoing major change during your divorce. Reducing conflict can help your child adjust and reduce emotional distress.
  • Create clear expectations. Whether you share custody or have a more limited visitation agreement, clear expectations can help you and your co-parent understand boundaries and have fewer disagreements.

Safety comes first. If your case also includes domestic assault or any threat to your child’s safety, let me know. As your attorney, I can help you articulate your concerns and advocate for your child.

Start This New Phase Of Your Parenting Life

Your parenting may look different than it used to, but you can have a positive experience with your co-parent. Your child can thrive, despite divorce and temporary uncertainty. I am just a phone call away. Contact my Walnut Creek office at 925-633-4002.